Project CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-022868

MOLDATA - PROJECTO E PROGRAMAÇÃO DE MOLDES LDA. applied on 09/15 /2016, under the annoucement P-2016/19 - Productive Innovation, Investment Accelerator, having been approved by the competent authorities and to which was assigned the NUP : CENTRO - 02-0853-FEDER -022868.

The application was approved on 25/11/2016, and the investment schedule foresees its start on 30/09/2016 and completion on 29/09/2017.

The application foresees the eligible investment by the company in an amount of EUR 761,559.36 being supported by the EU, PO CENTRO and Portugal 2020 in an estimated amount of EUR 456,935.62.
The present application is part of the thematic objective: OT 3 - Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies, in priority PI 3.3 - Providing support for the creation and expansion of advanced capabilities for the development of products and services.
With the present project, the company intends to introduce technological improvements in the production process, in terms of facilities and machinery park, with the introduction of equipment that incorporates the most modern technologies and that will allow to increase the machining capacity and allow specialization in new ranges of products: mold bases and molding elements for large steel molds and the machining of high precision steel parts for industry.







March 2020

COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Moldata defined and has been updating a contingency plan oriented for the prevention and mitigation of risks associated with the spread of COVID-19 virus, with the main priority is to ensuring a suitable and safety working environment for our people, to keep on serve our customers and the guarantor of our operations.

This plan determines several measures that are in line with the general recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the General Directorate of Health, as well as other supplementary measures considered appropriate to ensure the continuity of the activity in our facilities.

These measures are evaluated daily and reviewed whenever justified by a Crisis Management Office - GGC and Crisis Communication Team - ECC.


The principles underlying in the preparation of this Contingency Plan were:

  • Protect the health of workers by limiting the risk of contamination in the workplace. For this purpose, there were considerer preventive measure in the area of ​​health, there were created conditions for the exercise of activities at a distance (homeoffice), and internal processes alterations as weel as awareness for the individual protection of each worker;
  • Promote the continuity of the company's core functions, ensuring the maintenance of services considered essential;
  • Inform the workers about the symptoms of COVID-19, the sources of contamination and transmission and the measures to be taken to reduce the infection, as well as the means available in the company to do so;
  • Involve service providers, suppliers and customers in the sense that they also structure their own Contingency Plans;
  • Moldata's Contingency Plan aggregates all the specific plans and procedures that will be identified and implemented, with the updates that are deemed necessary, throughout this process;


If you want to know more about our Contingency Plan please contact us and we will and make it available to you. Be safe!




January 2020

Solidarity campaign Moldata Group 2019

Aware of the importance of the responsibility of all of us (including companies) towards the community where we operate, Moldata will, for the second consecutive year, promote the Solidarity Campaign Moldata.

In this year's edition we are going to collect goods for ATLAS. You can learn more about the work of this organization at or ATLAS - People Like Us

Thus, and with the invaluable collaboration of partner companies and our employees, on December 19, ATLAS - People Like Us came to collect the goods that were raised in this year's campaign.

We thank all who participated in this solidarity action, with special recognition to our partners Clipel - Center for Printing and Office Furniture, PNG - Paulo Neves Garcia and Speedtool - Rui Santos, who once again were beside us in this initiative.

Thank you!



March 2019

Moulding Expo 2019

For the first time, we will be present with our own stand at the Molding Expo in Stuttgart, Germany.

We answer this way to our commercial policy and present ourselves to the sector in the most important and relevant fairs and exhibitions.

We look forward to your visit at stand 5B19.



January 2019

Midest Lyon 2019

Following the success of the previous participations, Moldata will be present again in Midest 2019, integrated in the Portuguese delegation of the Metal Portugal project. This edition will take place in Lyon at Euroexpo Lyon.

We look forward to your visit!





Solidarity Campaign Moldata Group 2018

Moldata Group launched a Solidarity Campaign to collect essential goods for the Temporary Center for children at risk "O Girassol", from Marinha Grande.

With the invaluable collaboration of partner's and our employees, Moldata delivered on December 21, 360 Kg of goods, hygiene products, school supplies and clothes at the O Girassol Temporary Center.

We would like to give a special thanks to the companies that believed and collaborated in this solidarity action: Maficeti lubricantes, Vieira Ferragens, FA.RO. Acciai Portugal, PNG - Paulo Neves Garcias, Speedtool Tools, Hermínio Repara-Forras, Mafepre and Soares e Pratas.

We hope that this small gesture full of affection, helps to form a happier and more comforting Christmas season for the children and young people of the O Girassol Temporary Center and its dedicated technicians and collaborators.




Moldata celebrated its 20th anniversary

On November 10, Moldata celebrated 20 years.

20 years full of challenges and strong emotions.
20 years of sharing and being close to our partners and customers.
20 years with a promise: to always offer quality service.

These 20 years would not be possible without you!
Thank you for being with us, for writing this story with us and sharing this exciting adventure.

For Moldata 20 years have passed but we feel that we have just started.




Moldata at FAKUMA 2018

Once again we will be present at the FAKUMA. Thus, we maintain our presence in the most important fairs and exhibitions in the sector.
We look forward to your visit at stand A1-1308.






Moldata was again recognized as PME Excellence.

Once again our work is recognized with the renewal of the status PME Excellence'17. 

We share this distinction with all those who are part of this journey.

Our sincere thanks to all employees, customers and partners for their trust!




Moldata at MIDEST 2018

Following the successful participation in the previous edition, MOLDATA will be present at Midest 2018, integrating the Portuguese delegation of the project Metal Portugal.

We look forward to your visit at stand 2S15!




Moldata at FAKUMA 2017

MOLDATA will be present at FAKUMA 2017, following the success of the participation in the previous edition.

We will be at stand A1-1308 and look forward to your visit.



 OCTOBER 2015 


Once again, Moldata Ltd. achieved the merit of PME Líder in the year of 2015. This award represents a highly renown status of business reputation, created by IAPMEI, the institution which regulates small and medium companies and distinguishes outstanding performances. 





Moldata is going to be on exhibition at the FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen- Germany. Visit us from 13th to 17th October at A1-1308.





Moldata is going to be on exhibition for the second consecutive year at the Euromold Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Visit us from 25th until 28th November at Hall 8.0 E76.




Once again, Moldata Ltd. achieved the merit of PME Líder in the year of 2014. This award represents a highly renown status of business reputation, created by IAPMEI, the institution which regulates small and medium companies and distinguishes outstanding performances. 


MAY 2011


In planning the reinforcement of supply's strategy, Moldata started running in May 2011 an ambitious investment project
supported by Mais Centro - Programa Operacional do Centro, under the SI INNOVATION (Application 22500), which provides 
an overall investment of € 2,856,097.58 to run until 2013-04-30 and an amount of € 1,549,562.69 refundable incentive.

With this project the company aims the move to new premises more suited to their needs and the introduction of all phases
of the mold's production cycle, allowing themselves a position at new markets, and secondly, the consolidation of the machine 
park with latest technologies and Increased machining capacity que will allow specialization in new products - steel molds to the
injection of metals and medical / health industries molds.